Chocolate bars

The chocolate bars are the compact sized, or particularly the snack-sized bars used for instant gifting and eating. These bars are different from the individually portioned chocolates mass produced, like the bon-bons, pastilles and truffles. Chocolate bars are used by alternate names such as candy bars (in American English), a term similar to popular eating retreats produced without chocolate, similar to the likes of Zagnut and Bit-o-Honey bars.

The major ingredients used while manufacturing chocolate bars include cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.

Love Bite Chocolates is leading manufacturer of chocolate bars. We use state of the art concepts to custom design chocolate bars in various sizes. We use safe flavoring agents like vanilla and the emulsifiers like soy lecithin for bringing an alteration in the taste.We also use various other ingredients to add fine layering and sedimentation. The special ingredients used are nuts, fruit, caramel, nougat, and fondant.

Love Bite Chocolates is also offering Home Made Chocolate Bars in various flavorsSuch as - Plain, White, Caramel, Fruit & Nut, Orange & various assorted flavors. The weight size of these bars begins from weight from 5 gms.and moves up to 80 gms., depending on individual requirements.

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