Business Owner

Branded Indian store for Home Made Chocolates

Business Owner

Ms. Arpana holds in her kitty over 10 years of vast experience in the area of chocolate manufacturing, curation as well as accessories. Our Company Operates with in India & serves basically Food Industry. She is a true chocolate aficionado, and it is love for them that eventually made her venture into the business. Over the years, Arpana has learnt several state of the art marketing skills. She has the advantage to manufacture bespoke chocolates, with private labeling rights. She is helped in her endeavor by expert team.

Call her anytime, and you will feel that there is someone, who hones experience and taste for chocolates. Every word she utters has the same level of sweetness as found in the chocolates she manufactures at her state of the art facility.

From Arpana’s Desk

We offer diversified range of chocolates and bespoke manufacturing requirements. These can be delivered fresh, anywhere in India through our strong dealer network. All chocolates are made to order, and we do not keep the stock for more than 15 Days. Therefore eating hand-made chocolates only makes difference if they are served fresh, otherwise these are not categorized as Handmade chocolates. Our Capacity to make Handmade Chocolates is put at approximately 30Kgs a day.